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Summer Terrace

Letní terasa

Opening hours: daily 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Breakfast at dawn.
Lunch in the shade of the sun rays.
Dinner with a view of the sunset.

The summer terrace is the right place not only during the hot summer months, but also at the turn of the late summer - early autumn, and on warm autumn evenings. It is ideal for regaining strength after a beautiful walk through the castle gardens and the Fenny meadow within the local Educational path. Come and enjoy the view of the sun slowly setting in the garden, together with the á la carte meals or seasonal steaks and marinated meats prepared on a grill and on a turnspit. Or you can just stop for a while, let the time flow by, and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee with a castle dessert or an ice-cream sundae.

  • smoking is allowed here
  • the capacity of the Summer terrace is 40 places
  • á la carte menu and summer barbecue
  • children’s menu
  • wine list
  • beverage list
  • ice-cream sundaes and coffee desserts
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