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Massage of the back and the neck, the feet or the whole body, using essential oils and scented massaging oils.

Classic relaxing massage of the back, the neck, the feet or the whole body, using essential oils and scented massaging oils.

It is a method of working with the body, combining elements of acupressure and yoga. The Thai massage set begins in a relaxed position on the back, with working on the front of the body. Via rhythmical, swinging movements, the masseur works on the feet, continuing with the relaxing work on the energetic lines. The set culminates with great yoga asanas, unachievable by untrained persons by themselves. The masseur uses the whole body, but touching the feet or the elbows is always targeted and no forced manipulation is used.

Buttocks massage is recommended to be linked with the back and neck massage. It is namely a way to relax in case of a sitting occupation, or long standing on one’s feet. Buttocks massage relaxes the pain in the buttocks muscles. Pain is mostly caused by sitting occupation, or on the contrary by standing on one’s feet all day.

Reflective feet massage is linked to ancient Chinese therapies, such as acupuncture, being, however, completely non-invasive and pleasant. Mere pressure of the fingers is used instead of needles. There are a number of points and zones on the feet, that are connected with all the body organs via meridians (energetic lines). It is possible to positively influence the function of the related organs via the stimulation of these points, to awaken their natural regeneration, to reduce their pain, or even to cure them completely.


Tender manual therapy, by means of which the joints and the vertebra are safely and precisely returned back to their right positions.

History of cupping dates back to the ancient times, when the cups formed a standard equipment of the contemporary healers. The cups can be used for reducing or removing cellulite, back pain and joint pain, they are also beneficial in treating migraine, diabetes, high blood pressure, indigestion, gout, gallbladder problems or pain related to the menstruation cycle.

How do the cups work?
The cups are spherical vessels made of glass, filled with hot air. Cooling down creates underpressure, thanks to which they fasten on the skin. The principle resembles the acupressure method. The therapist finds the reflective point influencing a certain organ in the body, and then „activates“ it via the cups. The method is also effective in treating an asthma attack, when the cups stimulate certain points on the patient’s body, and within several minutes, the patient starts to breathe normally again.

This is a fine, energy-manual massage of the back in the spinal area, relaxing the bodily, the psychic and the mental blocks. Breuss massage regenerates the intervertebral discs, thus dealing with a wide selection of medical conditions, also removing deeply set psychic problems, besides other things.

Unique massage with warm chocolate brings much more than just sweet relaxation and delight to the body and the soul. Chocolate was highly valued by old Aztecs for its exceptional composition and impact on the organism. Chocolate massage is well known for its rejuvenation, antidepressant and aphrodisiac effects.
Thanks to the contents of a unique composition of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, alkaloids and antioxidants, it stimulates the organism, relaxing it at the same time.

Effects of the chocolate massage
Chocolate nurtures the body cells, relaxes the muscles, it kills pain (head, back), it warms up and helps to maintain the body temperature, and it extends the veins, thus helping in better blood perfusion. Its ability to activate the metabolism, to work against withholding water (oedema), to detoxify the organism, also helps in reducing weight and forming the figure. Luxurious chocolate massage nurtures, softens, cleans, stretches and enlightens the skin. It protects the skin from free radicals, which cause ageing; it eliminates cellulite and striae.
Chocolate relieves stress in a pleasant way, and brings about the feeling of perfect ease and happiness.

Massage using essences added in the massage oils positively influences your mind and your body. Your body is relaxed to a maximum, and permeated with scent.

Massage with hot lava stones completely surpasses classical massage in its effect on the body and soul. You will experience complete relaxation and harmony, forgetting all about the surrounding world. Imagine the heat of the volcanic stones penetrating every part of your body.

BODY WRAPPING using cinnamon
Body wrapping – the art of wrapping (or also a combined cosmetic bandage) - consists of two stages: preparatory stage (application of cream), and the actual therapy (bandage). The first stage is about application of a special cream containing alga Laminaria digitata, which intensively fights cellulite. Body wrapping is a part of a complex treatment of cellulite: lymphatic drainage, modification of eating habits, movement behaviour.

Indian head massage relieves stress gathered in the shoulders, the neck, and parts of the head from the pressures of the contemporary modern life. This technique has been practised in India for more than a thousand years, and it was originally done by women who believed that massaging the head with natural vegetable oils will preserve the health and strength of the hair.

(it helps in detoxification and regeneration of the organism, in venous and lymphatic oedema, in obesity treatment).
Perfect functioning of the lymphatic system is a prerequisite for each person’s health. Influencing the lymphatic system - a special kind of a soft technique which helps to agitate the lymphatic system, thus supporting the flow of the lymph, helps in the regeneration of the organism.

PARAFFINIC WRAP (hands, feet, back)
A special candle is lit, which melts on an aromatic oil (forest fruits or chocolate), and it is then dropped on the hands - no burning, just a pleasant warmth. Massage is done via warm aromatic oil. The hands are pleasantly scented and relaxed.


  • treating callous skin
  • cutting and finishing the nails
  • final massage of the feet
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