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Garden picnick



Where can you enjoy our picnics?

French garden
English park
Castle game preserve
Educational path Slatinná louka u Liblic (Fenny meadow near Liblice)

You pick the place anywhere in the Kokořín area, and we will prepare your picnic hamper for you there in time.

Are you looking for a truly non-traditional experience? Are you getting ready for a walk through the castle game preserve? Or do you just want to comfortably sit down on the meadow and enjoy the smell of the freshly cut grass?

Find the picturesque corners of the French castle garden, experience the whims of the aristocracy, and enjoy our delicious meals out in the open. We will gladly prepare a wicker hamper, include the blanket, and also comfortable pillows for the more spoiled ones, and we will also add a little surprise.

Attractions and tips for you

We will bring and prepare a picnic for you at any place within the Kokořín area, or even directly in the Mělník vineyard. We will provide a personal cook and an individual assortment of grilled specialties.

We also offer rides in a castle carriage, sightseeing flight in a helicopter, or a hot-air balloon flight, and much more...

Nature Preserve Slatinná louka (Fenny meadow)

It spreads on 2.27 ha and was declared a nature preserve in 1987. Subject to protection, there is the rich deposit of precious and protected kinds of plants. The protected area represents the last remains of formerly abundant fenny meadows of the Labe-valley black moor type.

Educational path Slatinná louka (Fenny meadow)

It was built with a financial support of the SROP (Central Bohemian Operational Programme) in 2007, and it leads from the castle’s main gate all the way to the Fenny meadow, its overall length being 2.5 km.

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Castle park

This is a French-type park with a terrace, a pool, and a summer-house dating back to 1920. On the right, the entire arrangement transforms into a game preserve or a pheasantry with extensive meadows. This naturally landscape area was established in the 1st half of the 19th century. There is a greenhouse in the park, as well as a Baroque two-winged gardener’s house, and a cross to commemorate the son of Christiana Thun-Hohenstein, Leonard, who died in the World War II. To the west from the castle, in a birch grove, there is a castle chapel with a tomb of the Thun-Hohenstein family. The castle park continues into the game preserve, the former castle forest and a pheasantry (24.7 ha).

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