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Albrecht z Valdštejna - vojenské tažení do Prahy

Castle excursions

Individual excursions

Unfortunately, the running of the castle does not allow for everyday excursions. However, due to great interest of our guests and individual visitors, we offer regular Sunday excursions. They always start at 13:00 and at 15:00 at the reception desk.  We will gladly arrange for a guide for groups of 10 and more persons, upon previous agreement, even outside the given terms. Please contact us at the phone number: +420 315 632 111, or at: At the reception, you can pick up a map of the castle game preserve, brochures or a calendar of events, and you can also purchase souvenirs, commemorative tourist stamps, stickers and tourist passports in which you can collect the stickers from different castles. The excursions take a maximum of 25 persons at a time.

Group excursions

Group excursions of the castle for 10 and more persons are possible on other days besides Sundays, but only on condition of a previous confirmed reservation. Previously arranged reservation allows for the keeping of the determined start of the excursion, and also allows for special services, such as costume excursions. It is necessary that the group arrives no later than 10 minutes before the planned beginning of the excursion and reports at the castle reception.

Castle excursions

The operator reserves the right to changes.

Tours of the park and castle fields

The castle exteriors (French garden, English park, game preserve) are open until 10 p.m., free of charge. You can download a pdf-format map of the Educational Path Slatinné louky u Liblic (Fenny meadows near Liblice).

Entrance tickets

In czech language 

Entrance Standard / Full Reduced* Family
Excursion 45 min. 60 CZK/person 45 CZK/person 150 CZK

 * children until 15 years, students (with valid ISIC), pensioners

English interpretation
(only to order - at least 48 hours before arrival, the minimum number of persons)

Entrance Standard / Full Reduced Family
Excursion 45 min. 200 CZK/person 150 CZK/person 600 CZK


There is a free parking available for the hotel guests on site. 

We are looking forward to your visit.

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